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Every day we are paying more for energy than we should due to poor insulation, inefficient lights, applainces, and heating and cooling equipment — money we could save by investing in energy efficiency.

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We collect energy saving solutions, looking for suppliers of goods and services who will help to implement them, and searching for examples of successful implementation of these solutions for those who want to reduce their costs through consumption reduction and energy efficiency of their own homes.

We understand that most Ukrainians need help to pay new rates, but strongly believe that market prices for energy resources — the only way to energy independence of the country. We want to stress that subsidies on this way — is a temporary aid to those in need.

We believe that ordinary consumers must become responsible owners in order to reduce overall energy consumption, engage new independent energy suppliers for improving service level and reduce the costs. The Enerhodopomoha was created to help this happened as soon as possible and with less effort.

The Energodopomoga created by private enterprise INPEC. We help to reduce energy consumption since 1993. For today, our customers are 74 companies and organizations from 14 regions of Ukraine, including the leading companies in metallurgical, engineering and chemical industries.

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